Lies Agents Will Tell You

9 Lies Realtors Will Tell You

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And the Facts You Need to Know

Many realtors will use nine common lies or myths as a persuasion tactic to help sway home owners to use a realtor to sell their home rather than selling privately.  Below we have taken each of these common lies and illustrated the actual facts or truth to help you with your home selling decision.

Click on each lie below to learn the facts.

  • Truth: Selling privately saves you money. To illustrate just how much money you will save consider this:

    Just cutting out the sellers agent saves you:

    • 2.5% Seller’s Agent Commission
    • +HST

    If sale is completely private, meaning the buyers don’t use an agent, you save:

    • 2.5% Seller’s agent commission
    • 2.5 % Buyer’s agent commission
    • +HST

    Having an agent doesn’t guarantee higher selling prices but does include high commission costs to you.

  • Truth: Our clients sell privately all the time – just take a peak at some of our client’s testimonials! We provide you with all the tools you need, including an entire team of private sales experts, to help give your house the exposure, pricing and staging tips needed for successfully sale.

  • Neither the agent or private sale option impacts the speed that your house will sell. Ultimately, the speed that your house sells depends on pricing, market conditions, the state of your house, availability for showings & questions, and the buyers demand.

  • Appraisers offer the most comprehensive pricing information.  With no personal interest in your home, meaning they won’t make money off the sale of your house, an appraiser will give you an honest and realistic price point for your house.

Several factors affect the speed of your house sale.

“Neither the agent or private sale option impacts the speed that your house will sell. Ultimately, the speed that your house sells depends on pricing, market conditions, the state of your house, availability for showings & questions, and the buyers demand.”

  • Truth: Bottom line – agents are not lawyers. Only lawyers can protect you from legal pitfalls.

  • Truth: PropertyGuys.com offers more exposure at a fraction of the price! In fact, our clients often pay less for professional marketing than the HST they would be paying on an agents commission!

  • Truth: An increasing number of Canadians want to be more in control of negotiations to ensure only their objectives have an impact. Whether you have negotiation skills or not, PropertyGuys.com can help answer any questions you have and give you solid advice the negotiation process.

  • Truth: The best person to show a home is the owner. That is you!

  • Truth: A truly qualified buyer has seen the inside of the house, in person or online, and already has their financing approved from a recognized financial institutional. PropertyGuys.com is affiliated with mortgage broker Premiere Mortgage in order to provide you with a team of experts to help. Feel free to send any buyer who still need approval our way so your selling negotiations can move smoothly.

Elements of a Successful Private Home Sale

5 Key Elements in Every Private House Sale

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As you drive around your neighbourhood have you noticed the increase in private house sale signs? Have you ever wondered what it would take to be successful at selling your house privately?

This blog post will highlight 5 key elements every successful private house sale has. Keep reading and you, too, can be on your way to saving thousands with a private house sale.

  • When it comes to selling your home, price is one of the biggest considerations for buyers. Therefore, knowing the actual worth of your home is key. It’s very easy for homeowners to overvalue their home due to variety of reasons including sentimental attachment, and/or inflated ideas about home renovation payoffs. Successful FSBO’s often get a house appraisal from an impartial third party, thus helping them price their house at an appropriate and appealing price.

  • If you want your house to sell than people, or potential buyers, need to be aware that your house is for sale. Simply put – your house sale needs to be highly visible.

    How do you accomplish this?

    There are a number of ways you can make your house visible from lawn signs to online ads. Web marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for home sellers with plenty of options and price points all designed to get your house sale in front of potential buyers.

    To simplify the marketing process many successful private house sellers’ partner with private sale companies, like PropertyGuys Durham. A company like PropertyGuys Durham has packages that include Realtor.ca listings, professional photo services, online advertising on Kijiji, Facebook, etc., and lawn signs to help promote your house and any open houses you have. Getting your home visible doesn’t have to be complicated or cost you thousands in realtor commission fees!

  • An important part of the selling process is being available to not only show your house but answer any questions in a timely manner. For many a simple answering machine, email address and scheduled open houses all help to be available. To help ease the availability process, PropertyGuys Durham offers a call centre option that allows you to publish your availability for showings right on the site and the call centre takes care of the arrangements.

  • The negotiation stage is an important part of any home sale – whether it’s a private sale or not. In order to be well prepared for negotiations it is recommend all private sellers take a moment and complete the following steps ahead of time:

    1. What are you willing to include with the sale of your home? What you are not willing to include? Think about appliances, window coverings, artwork, pools/hot tubs etc.
    2. Calculate your three price points: your list price, your bottom line with a buyer’s agent, and your bottom line with a completely private sale.
    3. Determine the maximum amount you are willing to offer a buyer’s agent. As a private seller, if there’s a buyer’s agent involved his/her commission is negotiable.
  • Having a basic understanding about how mortgages and financing works will help with the overall sale of your house, especially during negotiations. As a private seller, chances are you have some experience with purchasing a house. Apply this knowledge to the sale of your house. If you have questions, there are plenty of experts that are more than willing to help.

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